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So I took the plunge last night and went to church for the first time in 30 years and you know what. I survived. Its a nice non denomoninational church that used to be a complex. The people were very friendly, they had a band and the sermon was well done. My wife and I enjoyed it and will probably go back again next Saturday. The amazing thing about it is that God didn’t strike me dead when I went in. We were embraced with open arms and it felt good. I will be honest. I am still struggling with the concept of God but I am trying. I guess you could say I am a work in progress. I will keep reading and researching and praying and hopefully I will get there. For now just to be around some nice people and listen to some words of inspiration is good enough. I will say this though, I have seen enough coincidences not to believe in coincidence.


My life is a bit of a mess

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Well the title pretty much sums it up. Its getting so bad I’m considering going to church. Searching for something to fill the emptiness I feel in side me. More to come later. Sitting here typing on my new kindle fire. Another piece of materialism purchased too fill the emptiness in my soul. On the upside it allows me to read multiple books at the same time with ease. I am convinced the cloud is like God.

jesus is the answer

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I saw a bumber sticker on my way home from work yesterday. It read “jesus is the answer”. If that’s true,then what is the question?