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Bored and trying not to eat.

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Well, work sucks as usual. At least its Friday afternoon. Bored out of my mind, which is never good. When I’m bored, I eat. So, I had a bag of cheetos. Not the end of the world but I have to watch it. I have come along way and I don’t want to blow it now. Lost somewhere between 40 and 50 pounds and I’m feeling pretty good about myself. The last thing I want to do is back slide. The weekend looks like its full of football, Liverpool plays everton, reading, taking kids to and from work, cleaning, working out maybe and church. Funny, in my 47 years on this earth last week was the first time I think I ever wanted to walk into a church, and it felt good. So good I want to do it again. Wish me luck and enjoy your weekend.



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So I took the plunge last night and went to church for the first time in 30 years and you know what. I survived. Its a nice non denomoninational church that used to be a complex. The people were very friendly, they had a band and the sermon was well done. My wife and I enjoyed it and will probably go back again next Saturday. The amazing thing about it is that God didn’t strike me dead when I went in. We were embraced with open arms and it felt good. I will be honest. I am still struggling with the concept of God but I am trying. I guess you could say I am a work in progress. I will keep reading and researching and praying and hopefully I will get there. For now just to be around some nice people and listen to some words of inspiration is good enough. I will say this though, I have seen enough coincidences not to believe in coincidence.

My life is a bit of a mess

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Well the title pretty much sums it up. Its getting so bad I’m considering going to church. Searching for something to fill the emptiness I feel in side me. More to come later. Sitting here typing on my new kindle fire. Another piece of materialism purchased too fill the emptiness in my soul. On the upside it allows me to read multiple books at the same time with ease. I am convinced the cloud is like God.

Paging Mr. Orwell

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Playground of the stupid

Posted in Uncategorized with tags on February 15, 2012 by twominuteshate

So here i am once more in tje playground of the stupid. I think thats how the song goes. If i have to listen to one more idiotic conversation im putting my brains on tje wall. Wjen will people grow up and learn wjats really goimg on around tjem? I guess when tje shtf some people will be left behind. And yes im typing from my phoneso everything is misspelled. Fuck you for noticing. Later.

I broke my little toe

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So i grazed the coffee table woth my foot last night and shatteredy toe. Ive broken them so many times over the years all you have to do is look at them and they break. So im at work my toe is throbbing everyone sucks and its only tuesday. I really need one of those time machines i saw on ebay. Speaking of ebay i cant wait to get my shipment of copper bullion in so i can start makimg money. Speaking of making money, did u know u cam sell aluminum cans for cash? Of coirse i new this but chose to tjrow that money away. Untill today that is.

I just did Tabata and your a fatfuck

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ok, so , well, i was going to post everything about yesterday yesterday but last night i ended up eating xanax like they are pez and i fell asleep. HARD!!!. So lets recap yesterday and sofar today. Not much today. Woke up cursing myself for eating like a slob last night. then had a fatfuck breakfast,  went online and ordered some decorative copper peices for my mantle and desk. Next i worked out for awhile finishing as always with 4 minutes of Tabata hell on my mini airdyne. Yesterday? Lets see. I went to work and hated my coworkers alittle less, mainly because half of them did come in and i was able to avoid the other half. Mostly. And because i left early. After that i went  to my local dealer, coin that is, and picked up a mint condition 1/10oz. gold piece. Got gas went home to an empty house(a rarity around here these days) worked out laid back and relaxed. Now i have to figure out how to get my passanger side door to open. it is locked shut and wont unlock. Yay. Lucky me. i has a guy that knows about cars look at it and his best advice was and i quote “sometimes if you kick it they will unlock”. I’m so glad i didnt pay for that. Well off to watch some epl, then i’m sure eat like the fat bastard i am and pass out. later bitchez.