I just did Tabata and your a fatfuck

ok, so , well, i was going to post everything about yesterday yesterday but last night i ended up eating xanax like they are pez and i fell asleep. HARD!!!. So lets recap yesterday and sofar today. Not much today. Woke up cursing myself for eating like a slob last night. then had a fatfuck breakfast,  went online and ordered some decorative copper peices for my mantle and desk. Next i worked out for awhile finishing as always with 4 minutes of Tabata hell on my mini airdyne. Yesterday? Lets see. I went to work and hated my coworkers alittle less, mainly because half of them did come in and i was able to avoid the other half. Mostly. And because i left early. After that i went  to my local dealer, coin that is, and picked up a mint condition 1/10oz. gold piece. Got gas went home to an empty house(a rarity around here these days) worked out laid back and relaxed. Now i have to figure out how to get my passanger side door to open. it is locked shut and wont unlock. Yay. Lucky me. i has a guy that knows about cars look at it and his best advice was and i quote “sometimes if you kick it they will unlock”. I’m so glad i didnt pay for that. Well off to watch some epl, then i’m sure eat like the fat bastard i am and pass out. later bitchez.



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